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Perfect Roasted Turkey

Here's the "Perfect" turkey recipe from our friends at Big Green Egg! The use of pecan chips and a spice rub help to give the turkey a smoky flavor and nice brown color...and don't forget the gray!
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Dr. BBQ’s Smoked Flat-Cut Brisket with Coffee

“The flat cut of brisket makes for those long, beautiful slices that look so good on the plate. This cut has a lot less fat on it than a whole brisket, though, so it needs a little added moisture during the cooking process. Coffee adds an interesting flavor while helping keep things juicy.... -Ray “Dr. BBQ” Lampe, Slow Fire
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Thai Chicken Pizza

A fusion of Asian and American, this pizza offers a 100% whole wheat crust topped with spicy peanut sauce, scallions and chicken for a savory, flavorful treat!
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Prime Rib Roast

Prime Rib Roast is a specialty in many countries and is served at many holiday gatherings. To determine the size you need for your meal, plan for about 8-10 oz. per adult. Recipe courtesy of NorthStar Bison.
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