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    Royal Teak Sealer


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    Royal Teak Sealer

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    Royal Teak Sealer is a long lasting, easy to apply, water based sealer specially formulated to protect and enhance teak and other hardwoods. Royal Teak Sealer is non-corrosive, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. Use Royal Teak Sealer after cleaning your furniture with Royal Teak Cleaner to keep it looking beautiful longer. 

    Royal Teak Sealer lasts longer than teak oil, is easier to apply and protects better. It's what we recommend and use on our teak furniture.

    33oz Bottle

    Why Is Royal Teak Sealer So Much Better Than Teak Oil

    1. Royal Teak Sealer maintains the light brown color of teak for up to 4 times longer than teak oil.
    2. Royal Teak Sealer is environmentally friendly because it's 100% water based. No toxic fumes and non-flammable.
    3. Royal Teak Sealer is fast and easy to apply
    4. Royal Teak Sealer is not an oil so it is not greasy and clothes stay clean.
    5. Royal Teak Sealer is resistant to mold and prevents black spots on the teak.


    1. Before using Royal Teak Sealer, eye protection and rubber gloves should be worn. Cover the ground under your work area before starting.
    2. Gray teak or teak treated with teak oil must first be cleaned with ROYAL TEAK CLEANER
    3. New teak should first weather for 2 weeks outside before treatment
    4. If cleaned wood feels rough, sand lightly before treating. Make sure the teak is 100% dry and free of dust.
    5. Shake and stir Royal Teak Sealer at least a minute before use. Insufficient shaking can lead to uneven weathering.
    6. We suggest you try the Royal Teak Sealer on a small area first. (e.g. the back of a leg) to judge if the color meets your expectations.
    7. Apply a very thin layer of Royal Teak Sealer evenly over the furniture with a dust free cloth. Apply a second very thin coat after 30 minutes drying time.
    8. It is recommended that you treat your furniture with Royal Teak Sealer at least once a year.

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