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Fireplace Doors

We sell Stoll Fireplace Doors. Stoll has been building the finest and most elegant fireplace doors for over 40 years.
From rustic Old World doors,modern looking doors and outdoor fireplace doors, there's a style and a finish that's perfect for your home.

To Order Fireplace Doors

  1. Visit Our Winston-Salem Showroom and let one of our Sales Reps help you choose the style, size and finish that's right for you.
  2. We'll come measure your existing fireplace to insure a guaranteed fit
  3. Once we order and receive your doors our trained technicians will come install your new fireplace doors for you to enjoy!
A charge of $125.00 is added for for us to come out and measure your fireplace and to comeback out to install it. ($75 Trip Fee + $50 installation Fee)

The $75 Trip fee covers both trips and is based on our local area it may be more depending on where you are.