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The Valve

The valve is located to either side, or below the gas log set and controls gas flow to the pilot light as well as the burner.Although there are many different valves most have very similar properties.

Most valves have an off, on and pilot position. You may also find another knob that controls flame height once the set is on.

The Pilot Assembly

Locate the pilot assembly on the burner for your gas logs.

Before You Begin

Before you begin to light your pilot light the valve must be in the off position. You should then locate the pilot assembly on the burner for your gas logs. This will be critical to make sure that the pilot light is lit. If your gas logs use a remote control the receiver box should be in the off position as well.

Locate The Pilot Assembly

Many sets have piezo igniters that spark the pilot assembly. If your set has this feature you will use this to light the pilot light. If not, you will need a long match (available at Casual Furniture World) or a long lighter.

Lighting The Pilot

To begin, you will turn the knob to the pilot position. Some models will not let this happen unless the knob is pushed in. When you push the knob in, gas flow will begin to the pilot assembly. If you have been able to turn the knob to the pilot position you must also now push in on the knob to begin the gas flow. If you are using a long match or lighter it is advisable to have the flame present on the pilot assembly before pushing in on the knob. If you are using an attached piezo igniter, press the knob in and immediately begin pressing the igniter button (2 or 3 times). You should see a small blue flame on the pilot assembly.

Once you see the small blue flame, you must continue to hold the knob pushed in for approx. 30 seconds. This will heat the thermocouple – a safety feature which insures the valve does not let unburned gas into the room. After 30 seconds, release the knob. The small blue flame should remain lit. Your pilot light is now lit. Turning the knob to the on position will turn the gas logs on. If you are using a remote, you should turn the receiver box to the “remote” position to use your hand-held remote.

  1. Many of our manufacturers simply do not allow it. We must adhere to very strict internet policies and procedures set by our manufacturers. Please call us at 1-866-847-0595, and we will be more than happy to assist you further.

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The information below is provided as information only on how to clean a pilot light or pilot assembly. There are inherent dangers of working with gas. Please contact your local gas company or service center if you are at all uncomfortable working with gas. Casual Furniture World may not be held liable for any damages or personal injury caused by working with any gas product.

Turn The Gas Valve Off

Make sure that the logs are cool, that the pilot light is off and the valve is in the off position before beginning.

Turn Off Gas Shutoff Valve

You must also turn the gas off at the gas shutoff valve. This is usually a red or yellow valve located in the back of the firebox or just outside of the fireplace.

Remove Logs and Locate Pilot Assembly

It is easiest to clean your pilot light by first carefully removing all logs from your log set. You should then locate the pilot assembly that is attached to your burner. Below are 2 common pilot assemblies

Disconnect the Gas Supply

Once you have located the pilot assembly, you should disconnect the gas supply line from the pilot light itself.

Blow Air Down the Pilot

Once the supply line has been disconnected, you will then use the can of compressed air to blow air down the pilot in the opposite direction of gas flow.

Blow air through the air mixture holes

Then Blow air through the air mixture holes

Reconnect the Gas Supply and Test for Leaks

You should now tightly reconnect the gas supply line to the pilot light. Using the spray bottle with a soap and water solution, spray the connection. You may now turn the gas shutoff valve to the “ON” position. Watch the connection for a minute or two and make sure that no bubbles form. If any bubbles form, then your connection has a leak and is not secure. Turn the gas shutoff valve off, retighten the connection and again look for bubbles. When there are no leaks, relight your pilot light (see our guide to lighting a pilot light). Once the Pilot light has been relit, you may carefully place the logs back on the burner. If you have Vent-Free or Un-Vented Gas logs make sure to follow the guide in your owner’s manual. Not doing so good cause Carbon Monoxide and soot.

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