Decor & Accessories

Our collection of outdoor decor and accessories will be just what your patio needs.

Bird Feeders

If you’re one for birdwatching and love learning about the types of birds in your backyard, Casual Furniture World has you covered. Our selection of outdoor accessories brings all the best parts of nature right to you. Browse our bird feeders to see what will attract your favorite friends, while keeping unwanted pests at bay.

Bird Houses

Sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature, right from your window, porch, or deck. Our selection of bird houses are easily installed, maintained, and have a variety of perches and compartments. Built from vinyl, they can withstand any elements, and provide a great final touch to your backyard.

Outdoor Cushions

Designed for style and comfort, our outdoor cushions aren’t like most. Resistant to water, wind, and harsh elements, you’ll never have to worry about purchasing replacement cushions if you leave them outside. Casual Furniture World makes sure our outdoor chair cushions survive the toughest outdoor climates while completing your exterior dining or living room. Together, we can help you find the right fabrics, colors, and styles to suit your needs.

Furniture Covers

Protecting your investment is important, which is why our range of furniture slipcovers will help. Get year-round protection for your Adirondack chairs, chaise lounges, sofa loveseats, and dining table sets, so everything looks brand new for years to come. All you need is the right range of outdoor covers.

Outdoor Pillows

The finishing touch to an outdoor sofa? The perfect pillows. Durable and weather-resistant, our selection of outdoor throw pillows can complete your chairs, love seats, and sofas. The best parts of your outdoor space is how you complete the design, so take a moment to see some of our pillows for yourself.

Outdoor Rugs

Whether you want solid colors or printed designs, our selection of rugs is the perfect addition to your outdoor dining or living space. Our indoor-outdoor rugs can complement your patio or deck, without overpowering the space. Not to mention, every area rug is easy to clean and maintain, so it will survive all your year-round entertaining.

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