Gas Grill Tune-Up

Winston-Salem Area Only - Call (336)760-1766

Fee: $150.00* *additional fees may apply for drive time

Our Grill Tune-Up Includes:
  1. Burners will be removed from the grill and inspected. Any clogged orifices or port holes will be cleared.
  2. Igniters will then be tested, electrodes and contact points cleaned and batteries replaced if applicable.
  3. Grill will be lit for a minimum of 5 minutes (performance / burn test) and then an overall leak test will be performed.
Brands we offer service on are:
  • American Outdoor Grill
  • Broilmaster
  • Big Green Egg
  • Coyote
  • Delta Heat
  • Fire Magic
  • Memphis Wood Fired Grills
  • TEC
  • Twin Eagles
  • Weber

Replacement Parts

If a part needs to be replaced the technician will quote the part before installation.

In many cases the part(s) may be need to ordered from the manufacturer. In this case, our technician will make a return trip to install the necessary parts at not additional charge.