What is your Mission Statement?

by Josh Rowell |April 12, 2021

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the best Casual Living retailer to work for and be a part of within the Carolinas and beyond.   Our goal is 7 markets in 7 years (by 2028).  We will become one of the most respected companies in the casual living industry by continually improving upon our People, Processes, and Product offering.

We will invest in our people by: utilizing technology, providing sales and product training, making information easy to share and accessible and we will test for results.  We will be a platform and a place of encouragement for everyone to achieve significant (both personal and professional) growth and meet goals.  We will provide a clear path for those who wish to grow into higher-level positions and take on additional responsibilities.  Our team members will be able to help shape their daily work environments by using the simple guidance of our company culture and safety.

When a customer arrives at one of our showrooms, they will see a clean, colorful, well-organized and exciting mix of some of the highest quality and best value products that our industry has to offer.   Our inventory will be precisely controlled to match our customer’s wants and needs while also matching the financial resources of the company.  We will offer the fastest and most consistent delivery of our products and services as possible. Our product mix will be interesting and diverse and we will continually work to make it accessible, easy to shop, and understand.

We will operate on documented processes for every aspect of our organization.  In turn, our customers will have a consistent shopping experience and level of customer service that is unrivaled by any other retailer in the industry.  We will do what we said we will do when we said we will do it; with clarity and meaningful communication throughout the entire experience.  We will under promise and over deliver on every interaction we make.  To ensure quality of experience, we will keep as many services in-house as possible and only outsource when financially and logistically required to do.

We will drive new clients to our showrooms by having exciting and intriguing storefronts and by becoming marketing experts.  We will exploit the fact that our people and our past customers are some of our best marketing resources.   All marketing will be continuously be tested and measured and constantly improved upon.  All of our marketing efforts will send the message that our high-quality products (at guaranteed lowest prices) with the help of our people can create casual living spaces that bring family friends together (most important times in life).

We will cherish our relationships with our vendors and suppliers and will meet our financial responsibility to them.  In turn, we will require their utmost support in terms of customer service, pricing, and exclusivity as needed.

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