Becoming A Grill Master: Everything About Buying Grills, to Grilling Tips

Want to Become a Grill Master?

If you’re someone who loves cooking, but wants a break from the kitchen, there’s no better time to start grilling. A grill is more than an everyday appliance – it’s a place where flavors and nature collide, bringing people together to enjoy unique eats and quality time with one another.

However, if you’re newer to the world of outdoor grilling, it’s important to consider your options before you invest in a grill. There’s a variety of brands, styles, and grill accessories we carry in each store location – and no two grills are exactly the same. So before you become a grill master, take the time to learn more about which grill is compatible with your lifestyle. After all, becoming a grill expert is more than getting the sear just right on your favorite foods – it’s about understanding your grill, from the inside out.

If you’re ready to immerse yourself in the world of outdoor grilling, take the time to learn what grill is ideal for your backyard, and what brands can best serve your family. From there, we can equip you with all the knowledge you need to become the ultimate grill master. Our variety of brand name grills are ideal for beginners, pros, and everything in between – you just have to find the perfect fit.
However, if you happen get it wrong the first time, no worries. Our Exclusive 30 day grill guarantee ensures you won’t ever be disappointed! 


How to Buy A Grill: Beginner Grill Master Questions

If you’re new to the world of grilling and aren’t sure what type of grill fits your lifestyle, or outdoor space, there are a few things to consider before you’ll find the perfect match. Our range of grills are great for beginners, and experts, who want to experiment with a charcoal, gas, or wood pellet grill.

If you are buying a grill for the first time, it’s important to consider these essential questions before you start shopping.



How Often Will You Use Your Grill?

If you’ve never grilled before, think about how often you’ll use your grill. If you’re someone who enjoys a once a month family cookout, you don’t need to buy a model that’s overly complex. A good ignition system that disperses heat evenly should do just fine, however, if you plan on grilling multiple times a week, and want to make more than hamburgers or hotdogs, it’s good to explore your options. It’s important to find a grill that’s compatible with your needs.



How Comfortable Are You Behind the Grill?

While some people are natural born pit bosses, others are not. Before you buy a grill, it’s important to think about how comfortable you are with the idea of grilling.

For instance, gas grills are easier to operate compared to charcoal grills, since you don’t have to start a fire and manage the coals while you’re cooking. So, if you don’t feel comfortable with certain grill features, make sure to address those concerns so that you’re comfortable firing up the grill as much as you want.

However, if you’ve grown tired of your older gas grill and want to broaden your horizons, maybe it’s time to explore a ceramic grill or wood pellet smoker instead. You can experiment with various flavors, and see the differences between the two types of grills.



How Much Space Do You Have?

There are multiple sizes and styles of grill, so it’s important to think about your deck space. Realistically, how large does your grill need to be? Cooking for one or two, verses cooking for eight or more, is going to help your decision. This is one of the first questions we ask as you get started with your grill buying journey. To help you find out, use the total grilling surface in square inches divided by 64 to determine how many people a grill is suited for. Keep in mind that many brands will include warming racks to inflate their numbers. This also does not always apply to ceramic grills as it is common to cook food vertically on stack cooking racks.

If you are someone who enjoys grilling for large gatherings, and regularly has extended family over for dinner, you’ll need a larger grill model. However, if you have limited space on your patio or deck, our team of grill experts will work with you to find a style, and size, that suits your backyard. Grill size matters, but it’s not everything.



Can You Care for Your Grill?

Cleaning and maintenance isn’t something all grills need regularly, but it’s important to care for your grill accordingly.

Certain grills need more care than others. For instance, traditional charcoal grills need their briquettes cleaned and changed after every use, so ash doesn’t stay trapped at the bottom of your grill base. Wood pellet grills and gas grills are fairly easy to use, and require minimal cleaning. Think about how often you’ll be able to care and clean your grill, before you select a model that’s more involved than you thought.
Keep in mind that higher end grills, like a higher end sports car, may require a little more maintenance along the way, but will provide you better performance and a more enjoyable experience.



What is Your Budget?

Before buying your grill, it’s important to consider the budget. Do you want to pay a little extra for certain features, life expectancy, or can you stick to the essentials? Additional features, such as internal temperatures and timers, the quality of the stainless steel, and burner warranties come at an additional cost – but for some this completes the grilling experience.

If you have a grill type in mind, but aren’t sure if it’s within your budget, consider talking to one of our grill experts. Our team can help you find the perfect fit, without breaking the bank.



What Features Matter Most?

Do you want additional features such as temperature controls, digital displays, infrared sear stations, rotisserie & back burners, or even WiFi within your grill? Or are you the griller that likes a traditional approach?

Whether you want a ceramic grill, stainless steel grill, or a wood pellet grill, Casual Furniture World has something for everyone – and features that can complete your grilling experience.

What Type of Grill is Compatible With Your Backyard?

Most every high quality grill is capable of searing, charring, and smoking your food to perfection. It’s just a matter of your grilling preferences, how you will cook the most, what you want to cook and finding a design that fits your space, and desired experience.

When it comes to outdoor cooking, there are a few popular grill models that are ideal for families big and small. Whether you love the smokey flavors of charcoal, or simplicity of gas grilling, there’s a perfect grill for every family.



Charcoal Grills

If you have a smaller family, and enjoy smoky flavors in your food, charcoal grills may be perfect for you. Most charcoal grills have smaller designs, are less expensive, which are great for smaller patio spaces.

A common misconception is that charcoal grills take longer to heat. While this is true with most traditional charcoal grills, many modern day ceramic grills use natural lump charcoal, which takes just a few minutes longer to heat than a gas grill! Rest assured, your food will be full of wood fired flavors  thanks to the all-natural lump charcoal

Charcoal grills are great for small gatherings and informal get-togethers. If you’re someone who doesn’t entertain often, and enjoys enhanced flavors in your food, charcoal grills are the perfect fit for you.



Gas Grills

Gas grills are a highly popular type of grill for a number of reasons. They’re easy to use, heat up quickly, and do not require the cleaning of leftover charcoal and ash. If you enjoy entertaining, and want to grill and go, gas grills may be an ideal choice for your outdoor needs

Most gas grills have features such as easy to control temperature regulation, and digital controls that can help you cook, even if you’re away entertaining. Stainless steel gas grills are a highly popular option among homeowners for their design, durability, and ability to operate on natural gas or propane. Gas grills use a variety of techniques to ensure an even heat. Make sure to inquire about this to find out which will work best with what you plan on cooking.

If you enjoy easy, no fuss grilling that gets the job done, gas grills might be the perfect fit for you.



Ceramic Grills

Ceramic grills are very different from the previous two grill models. Their design is ideal for maximum versatility, from high heat searing to slow cooking and retaining heat.


Ceramic grills are designed to capture heat, which makes them extremely efficient. You can seer over a nice hot coal bed or, bake a pie, or slowly cook (smoke) your food to perfection. The wider, domed top of the grill allows heat to move freely, therefore distributing the hot temperatures evenly to your food. Additionally the ceramic material used to construct the grill helps it retain heat and moisture, while spreading heat from every angle.

If you’re someone who enjoys the grilling experience from start to finish, and likes the idea of slow cooking meals, a ceramic grill is a great contender.



Wood Pellet Grills

Besides ceramic, gas, and charcoal grills, there is another grill model that can provide the perfect sear and slow cook smoky flavors. Most pellet grills turn on with the push of a button and use wood pellets (which are similar to rabbit food) to heat your food, that are released from a hopper (which is the metal storage box on your grill) to a designated burn box. As the temperature of your grill changes, wood pellet grills are designed to release pellets from your hopper, and control fans as needed, so the temperature stays even and consistent.

For different flavor profiles, you can experiment with flavors of pellets such as apple or cherry while using a wood pellet grill. Similar to a charcoal grill, you’ll achieve various smoky flavors while cooking your food, and can pick up flavors like cedar and pine thanks to the variety of pellets. Wood pellet grills store and disperse heat well, so you can man your station, without worrying about overcooking your food.



Need More Help Finding Your Match?

Finding a grill model that fits your family is important, but it’s also essential to find a brand that includes all the exciting features you’ve been looking for. Certain brand names have various sizes, accessories, and features unique to their models, so it’s important to consider what you need when it’s time to get cooking.

The Best Grill Brands: A Closer Look at Exclusive Features

While shopping for a grill, it’s important to get everything you want, so you’ll be able to cook with ease. At Casual Furniture World, our showroom floors hold a variety of grill brands, and every model has exclusive features that are ideal for different outdoor chefs. If you’re one who loves special cooking features, or needs a little assistance, explore some of our favorite grill brands below for a closer look.


Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe is a brand known for their range of ceramic grills, smart temperature-controlled design, innovative features and superior cooking capabilities. While it’s design is similar to a big green egg, it’s cooking capabilities, unique features and accessories are ideal for the innovator looking to experiment while they cook. If you’re looking for a grill that has a unique design, and consistent performance, a kamado joe grill may be the perfect fit.


Blaze Grills

Blaze Grills bring some of the best value, mid-range, market of stainless steel grills. The design, durability and ability to char broil meat to perfection, is great for those who want to grill and go. Blaze Grills feature a wide variety of gas grills, and are built with stainless steel – heavy duty winds are no match for their exterior. Blaze Grills also offer additional features such as side burners, drawers, and doors to conceal propane tanks, depending on the model you select.

If you want the best sear, and minimal grill maintenance, a Blaze Grill might be the best addition to your backyard.


Fire Magic

If you want a gas grill brand that can get the job done in no time, Fire Magic Grills are one of our favorites. The latest models of Fire Magic Grills are built in the U.S.A., using 304 stainless steel, making it durable and diverse for all your cooking needs. Their exclusive burnerys and heavy duty grill grates can seer or slow cook a variety of dishes, so you can cook for a crowd without a problem. Many of their grill models have extensive features such as digital displays and built in lights, which are perfect for the grill experts who want the ability to do it all.


Green Mountain

Green Mountain grills are a great value and are a well known wood pellet grill brand, suitable for grilling up veggies, meat, or even pizza. Most of their grill designs have peaked lids, which provides extra room for larger dishes that need additional cooking time. Other features like a built in thermometer, and a WiFi digital controller, are exclusive to some of their newer grill models, such as the Daniel Boone. If you’re one that enjoys combining technology while cooking, Green Mountain grills have plenty of diverse features that can help you cook with ease.

Learn About Your Grill: Different Grill Materials

While the different types of grills, and grill brands are highly important, another important part of a grill are the materials it’s composed of. No two grills are exactly the same – that’s why it’s important to find a grill that suits your lifestyle, and is durable enough for your backyard.

The most common external grill materials are:

  • Stainless Steel
    • Stainless steel is one of the most common, and durable, grill materials on the market. Stainless steel is ideal for retaining heat and has increased in durability  over the years – which is good news for the lifespan of your grill. However, there are many different grades of stainless steel available as well as many gauges (or thicknesses). Pay attention to overall construction and make sure to do your homework before making a purchase.
  • Cast Aluminum
    • Aluminum is also known for its durability – which makes it a popular choice for grills and outdoor furniture alike. Unlike some other materials, it won’t show rust or wear down easily, but it can get discoloration after years of sun exposure. If your grill is made with aluminum, be sure to cover it between uses.
  • Ceramic
    • Ceramic grills now come in a variety of different sizes, colors and shapes.  Most feature an interior and an exterior

Find A Routine: Grill Cleaning Basics

Once you’ve found the perfect grill, you’ll be able to char, sear, and cook delicious eats in no time. But in order to keep your grill in top condition, it’s important to clean, and care for it regularly. Fortunately, grill cleaning is fairly minimal in between uses- the key is to be consistent with annual grill maintenance.

One simple trick that will keep your grill looking brand new – covering your grill in between uses. A grill cover will keep falling leaves, debris, and pollen from landing on your grill – and possibly your food! Plus, unexpected rain showers or external debris could dull or harm the exterior of your grill. In order to keep your grill looking brand new, covering it is a quick fix that will help reduce the need to clean the exterior on a regular basis.

However, when it comes to cleaning the inside of a grill, every model requires different cleaning and care. For instance, a charcoal grill needs to be cleaned between uses, so charcoal and ash remnants don’t stay trapped in the bottom of your grill. Removing ash, wiping down your grill bowl, and grill grates, will make sure everything continues to fire up as usual, all season long.

Gas and ceramic grills don’t have to be cleaned as often as charcoal grills. It’s important to use a stiff bristled brush, to scrape off sauce, spills, and burnt residue that can transfer over between meals, but cleaning and maintenance are fairly minimal.

Once you’ve decided you’re done grilling for the year, there are a few important steps you should take to preserve and protect your grill.

A few key maintenance steps include:

  • Clearing out old food and burnt remnants that have stayed within your grill
  • Wipe down the grill grates with soap and water
  • Clean off any side burners on your grill
  • Wipe the interior lid, and side pannelings, of your grill
  • Remove charcoal, wood chips, and properly clean the basin of your grill
  • Disconnect the propane and natural gas used to power your grill

Your grill does lots of work for you – return the favor by maintaining it’s condition, so it can keep performing for you for years to come.

Essential Grilling Accessories

One of the most important things outside of the grill itself is acquiring the perfect grill accessories. You can’t become a grill master without the right equipment, and these essential grilling accessories are sure to complete your grilling station – and keep you safe.

Once you start grilling, every cook needs a few additional accessories to help them cook up fantastic food. These are:

  • A Long Hand Spatula
    • Spatulas are great for flipping burgers and fish, but a long handle keeps your hands away from the heat while cooking your food.
  • Grill Mitts
    • A set of grill mitts are another great way to protect your hands from accidental blisters, heat, and scrapes. These are especially helpful if you have a charcoal grill or wood pellet grill, which can get exceptionally hot.
  • Thermometer(s)
    • Keep in mind that most grills have a built-in thermometer that takes the temperature well above the cooking surface. We recommend an instant read meat thermometer, a grill surface thermometer and a remote (wired or wireless) internal thermometer for longer, slow cooks. Thermometers are probably the most important tool to help you become a grill master.
  • Cleaning Brush
    • As previously mentioned, cleaning your grill is important. In order to keep your investment looking brand new, and properly cared for, keep a grill brush handy for between uses. Pro Tip: A quick dip in water before cleaning hot grates will provide a steam cleaning effect!
  • Long Handle Tongs
    • Just like a spatula, tongs are important for flipping, and securing your food, so you’ll never have to worry about extra juice or flavor escaping.
  • Skewers
    • Skewers are great for stacking veggies, meats, seafood, and even s’mores! You can use wooden skewers or reusable metal ones.  Pro Tip: Make sure to soak wooden skewers for about about an hour before grilling.


The right grilling accessories and materials make all difference when it comes to your grill, so be sure to equip yourself with the best tools, so you can cook like a pro.

Thinking about an Outdoor Kitchen?

While the kitchen might be the heart of a home, your grill is the heart of your backyard. With that in mind, if you’re someone who loves spending time outside, and want to take full advantage of your brand new grill, it’s time to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do I spend more time cooking outside?
  • Am I missing basic essentials when I’m cooking outside?
  • Do I have the space for more features?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, an outdoor kitchen might be the final touch you’ve been searching for. After all, cooks need space to prep and serve their food. Outdoor kitchens provide all the extra space and appliances you need to entertain loved ones for hours at a time.

Plus, outdoor kitchens aren’t just for entertaining friends and family. The added benefits of an outdoor kitchen include additional counter space, and appliances such as drawers, trays, or refrigerators, so you can store everything you need outside.

The best part? Your brand new grill can be integrated with your outdoor kitchen – with all the additional features you want. If you’re someone who loves the simplicity of cooking outside, think about installing a brand new outdoor kitchen while you’re browsing for grills. Your backyard will become everyone’s favorite destination.

Beginner Grilling Tips

With the right grill, and grilling accessories, all that’s left is to do is man your grill. However, the best grillers don’t start cooking right away – it takes certain techniques to achieve the perfect sear, char, and flavor.

Whether you’re grilling for a crowd, or immediate family, there are a few essential grilling tips every cook should know, before they get started.

  • Monitor Your Heat
    • When you’re about to cook, let the grill heat up first. Your grill is similar to an oven – it takes time to warm up. Try to keep one area of your grill a bit cooler so that you have a safe zone in case something is cooking too quickly.
  • Keep An Eye on the Coals
    • For charcoal grills, coals and wood chips are your primary source of heat. Letting them burn too low means you’ll run out of heat before you’re done grilling. Maintaining a consistent temperature means adding enough coals to heat your food accordingly. Ceramic grills allow you to reuse unused coals, so don’t skimp!
  • Use The Thermometer
    • If you’re entertaining, it’s easy to get caught up in conversation. Rather than get side tracked, having a meat thermometer handy is a great way to know when your meat is done, so you can enjoy time with friends without additional stress.
  • Keep Your Tools Handy
    • Don’t waste time searching for grilling tools. If you have an outdoor kitchen, take advantage of the additional space, and store all your grill accessories in one place. You’ll accelerate the cooking process by having your tongs, gloves, and spatula ready.
  • Don’t Get Too Ambitious
    • If you enjoy experimenting with meat, don’t use the family reunion as a trial run. Practice making new recipes beforehand, so you can really wow your guests when the time is right. Take note of the cooking times during your practice runs. This will help you plan your meal for everything to be done at the same time.
  • Let the Grill do the Work
    • Don’t feel like you have to flip your meat every minute – let your grill do the cooking for you. Placing slow cook sides dishes on indirect heat, and keeping your main course front and center, will keep all the flavors intact. Use a wired or wireless thermometer to keep from raising the lid of your grill often. Just remember, “if you’re lookin’ – you ain’t cookin’!

Ready to become the grill master of your patio?

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