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Castleton TruHybrid Wood Stove

Color – Matte Black
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    TruHybrid System

    A 4-tube secondary combustion system with a fixed baffle ensures a clean burn before the catalyst performs the finishing touches.

    Convenient Firebox

    The square shape of the Castleton stove is perfect for loading the wood either side-to-side or front-to-back.

    Easy to Use

    Turn your stove to high and stoke a big fire. Turn it all the way down to keep a fire burning overnight.

    Our TruHybrid stoves burn cleanly and efficiently before and after you engage the catalyst. The system combines primary and secondary combustion with tertiary combustion using a catalyst to take care of any unburned smoke particles and gases.

    Hearthstone's quality is defined by its materials, design and workmanship. The Castleton TruHybrid combines the superior heating qualities of soapstone with elegant and durable cast iron elements. The stove is designed to include the essential features to maintain a warm, comfortable home. A simple and robust construction ensures reliability and makes the stove an exceptional value for the price. Experience the HearthStone difference with a Castleton TruHybrid wood burning stove in your home.


    • BTU: Up to 45,000
    • Efficiency: 77% HHV
    • EPA Certified: 0.69 g/hr
    • Firebox Capacity: 1.9 cu ft
    • Flue Exit Diameter: 6
    • Flue Exit Location: Top or Rear
    • HeatLife: 20 Hours of heat
    • Heats up to: 1,500 sq ft
    • Maximum Log Length: 18″
    • Weight: 475
    • Height: 27.5"
    • Width: 25.5"
    • Depth: 24"

    Castleton TruHybrid Wood Stove - Casual Furniture World
    Castleton TruHybrid Wood Stove - Casual Furniture World
    Castleton TruHybrid Wood Stove - Casual Furniture World