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Gas Log Service

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Gas Log Check-up

It's recommended that you have your gas logs inspected, cleaned and tested at lest once a year.

Our Gas Log Check-up Includes :
  • Clean Gas Logs
  • Check Pilot Operation & Condition
  • Check Burner Condition and Operation
  • Light Pilot and Burn Test (min 3 minutes)
  • Check Remote or Wall Switch Operation
  • Replace Batteries

Local Service $149.00

Call (336)397-4917 To Schedule Your Gas Log Service

Call (336)397-4917

To Schedule Your Gas Log Service

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Replacement Parts

If a part needs to be replaced the technician will quote the part before installation.

In many cases the part(s) may be need to ordered from the manufacturer. In this case, our technician will make a return trip to install the necessary parts at not additional charge.