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Not sure what grill to buy, or if you will really like that new pellet smoker?   Don’t sweat it!  You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it and we believe that buying a quality grill should be no different.  Our exclusive 30 day “Grill Guarantee” lets you exchange any grill within 30 days of purchase if you not satisfied.  Use it, cover it in sauce, we don’t care.  Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.


***Grill must have no physical damage and be in working order to be eligible for exchange.  Delivery and Pickup fees are non-refundable**
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One of the best parts of warm weather is getting to man the grill and cook up some of your favorite meals and sides. At Casual Furniture World, your appetite isn’t the only thing that will be satisfied. We have a selection of the best charcoal grills designed with you in mind, including trusted brands like Green Mountain and Kamodo Joe. You can enjoy all the smoked and fresh flavors straight from the grill, right to your plate. 


Ready to see all of our incredible grill options for yourself? Drop by our nearest location in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, or Myrtle Beach to see our range of grills for yourself.

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Firing up the grill is faster and easier than ever once you find the right gas grill for your backyard. Gas grills provide all the heat with hassle and less smoke. You can gather friends and family around the grill, knowing that they’re going to have plenty of delicious eats waiting for them when they’re done. 

Whether you want stainless steel or plated steel, our range of gas grills have quality designs so you can operate with ease. Our range of affordable gas outdoor grills can complete your outdoor dining experience, so you can engage in conversation while manning your station. When you select a gas outdoor grill from Casual Furniture World, we’ll be able to help you decide what range and brand best suit your needs, so you’ll stay heated up all year long.

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Outdoor Kitchen

If you have been thinking about an outdoor kitchen and are not quite sure where to start, then start by visiting one of our showrooms! Whether you’re thinking of an outdoor kitchen as an addition to your home or as part of new construction we are here to help. You can speak with an expert, put your hands on many different grills, components, and finish samples to get the creative juices flowing.  While we offer many modular and ready to finish options for kitchens and cabinetry we can also point you in the direction of dependable and reputable local contractors should your project require some construction. 

We are now pleased to offer outdoor kitchen design services!  This is a 4 hour design consultaiton, that starts in a showroom with a CKD (certified kitchen designer) for a one hour “DREAM” consulation.  This meeting will result in a list of desired components and a rough sketch.  Our CKD will then come and take measurements and will spend 2 hours developing a 3D visualation of your outdoor kitchen.  The final hour will be spent making any final revisions and a line drawing for construction.  We offer this service for $249.00 that is fully refundable with a qualifying purchase.

Already have plans?  We are more than willing to work hand in hand with your contractor or builder to work through all the technical details, specs and dimensions to ensure your project is done on time and up to code.



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Our 30 Day Grill Guarantee applies to all our outdoor grills:
  • Fire up the grill, and try it for yourself
  • If you don’t love the product, give us a call
  • We’ll accept your grill, used or unused, for a full refund
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