Creating a Comfortable Outdoor Kitchen Island in East Bend, NC

Creating a Comfortable Outdoor Kitchen Island in East Bend, NC

Design Team


Nestled in the serene town of East Bend, NC, lies a beautiful new outdoor space that I had the pleasure of designing. My clients wanted an outdoor kitchen island and dining area that combined functionality with comfort, allowing them to entertain family and friends with ease. Their vision was clear, and I was excited to bring it to life.

Understanding the Client's Vision

The clients envisioned an outdoor kitchen island that featured a griddle and a Big Green Egg, providing them with versatile cooking options. In addition to the kitchen island, they wanted a dining area that could comfortably seat four people, as well as matching reclining chairs and ottomans that did not require cushions. The goal was to create a comfortable and stylish space that was also easy to maintain.

Design Strategy

To achieve this vision, I focused on selecting durable and stylish materials and furnishings. The centerpiece of the kitchen island was a Challenger cart, which provided ample countertop space for preparing and serving food. For cooking, we included a Delta Heat griddle and a Big Green Egg, both known for their high performance and versatility.

For the seating area, we chose cast aluminum furniture with synthetic wicker from the Grand Terrace collection by Gensun. This combination offered the perfect blend of durability and style, ensuring that the furniture would withstand the elements while providing a comfortable place to relax. The vintage color aluminum frame and mahogany wicker added a touch of elegance to the space.

To complete the dining area, we selected a Treasure Garden umbrella with a striking red canopy. This not only provided much-needed shade but also added a pop of color to the outdoor space, enhancing its overall aesthetic.

The Outcome: Creating a Comfortable Outdoor Kitchen Island

The final result was an outdoor kitchen island and dining area that perfectly matched the clients' vision. The all-aluminum Challenger cart provided a sturdy and spacious surface for cooking and serving, while the Delta Heat griddle and Big Green Egg offered endless possibilities for outdoor cooking.

The seating area, with its cast aluminum and synthetic wicker furniture, was both comfortable and stylish. The Grand Terrace collection by Gensun delivered on the promise of comfort without the need for cushions, making the space low-maintenance and inviting. The red canopy of the Treasure Garden umbrella added a vibrant touch, tying the entire design together beautifully.


Designing this outdoor kitchen island and seating area in East Bend, NC, was a truly enjoyable experience. The combination of functional cooking spaces and comfortable seating made this outdoor area a perfect spot for entertaining family and friends. If you're looking to create your own comfortable and stylish outdoor space, I'm here to help. Contact me at Casual Furniture World, and let's make your outdoor living dreams a reality.