How to choose glass fireplace doors.

How to choose glass fireplace doors.

Josh Rowell

Fireplaces are often the focal point in the main living and entertaining area of your home.  Adding a set of glass doors can completely change the aesthetic of any room while adding functionality and efficiency to your home.  They come in many different styles and colors and can have unique features such as sliding glass or hand hammered finishes.

The 3 main types of fireplace doors are: 

Overlap Doors: Overlap doors are perfect for most traditional brick fireplaces.  Their approx. 2" wide frame allows your doors to be custom ordered and still have a little bit of wiggle room for installation.  The fireplace frame will overlap the fireplace opening and a bit of insulation inside of the frame will help seal out any unwanted drafts or odors.

Overlap Fireplace Door

***A standard overlap door is a good choice for most fireplaces.  However, if you burn wood, Casual Furniture World recommends a "iron" overlap door that can withstand the extra use and abuse of loading wood and cleaning ash***

Inside Fit Doors: Inside fit doors will, as their name suggests, fit inside the fireplace opening.  The often give a more custom look, and the measurements must be very precise.  Inside fit doors may be perfect for stone fireplaces where the surface in uneven as they will mount slightly behind the stone, where the smooth firebrick begins.

Inside Fit Fireplace Door


Reface Doors: Reface doors are specifically designed for homes that had a pre-fabricated (metal box) fireplace.  These types of fireplaces became extremely popular in the early 90's and are still very common today.  Reface doors utilize the existing, exposed metal to mount the door using extremely strong magnets.  In just a few seconds a reface door can completely change the appearance and efficiency of a pre-manufactured fireplace (commonly known as a firebox).  A reface door will offer different paneling to completely hide any exposed black metal or allow for air flow and blowers if your firebox has louvers. 

Reface Fireplace Door


Some popular features you may want to consider for you glass fireplace doors:

1. Air Seal - air seal doors feature gaskets and insulation that completely seal off any airflow.  These are a great addition for drafty fireplaces or fireplaces that have a strong creosote odor.  

2. Bi-fold vs. Cabinet glass - Bi-fold doors allow the door to fold in half when open.  This greatly reduces the space needed to open the doors and takes up much less room to the left and right of the fireplace when open.

3. Grey (or tinted glass) - Tinted glass will help hide the messy interior of a fireplace. 

4. Pyro-glass - Most glass doors are made of tempered glass and have to be opened when burning a real wood fire or gas logs.  The option of pyro-glass allow you to keep the doors closed and utilize the glass to help produce radiant heat for you home.  


While there are many different styles of fireplace glass doors, finishes, colors and mounting options choosing the right size and mounting options are critical for a good fit.  Use our GLASS DOOR MEASURING GUIDE to ensure a correct fit or CONTACT US and out team can help schedule a team member to walk you through the entire process.   Casual Furniture World's showrooms feature extensive fireplace door displays to help you explore all of the different styles and possibilities.