Creating a Stunning Outdoor Living Space in Winston Salem, NC

Creating a Stunning Outdoor Living Space in Winston Salem, NC

Design Team


In the charming city of Winston Salem, NC, our latest project unfolded in a way that showcases the true magic of design serendipity. At Casual Furniture World, we pride ourselves on creating spaces that not only echo the desires of our clients but also enhance the natural beauty of their environments. This project began uniquely as the client discovered their dream outdoor furniture setup while visiting a house we had staged for the Winston Salem Parade of Homes. This encounter led to an exciting design journey, transforming their outdoor living space into a haven for relaxation and entertainment.

Understanding the Client's Vision

Client's Initial Encounter

The journey began when our client, initially a visitor to one of our beautifully staged properties during the Winston Salem Parade of Homes, felt an instant connection with the displayed furniture. Their decision to purchase the house along with the furniture was driven by the immediate vision they had for their own outdoor space. This story is a testament to how profoundly a well-thought-out design can resonate with individuals, turning casual viewers into committed buyers and design enthusiasts.

Embracing the Vision

Embracing the client's initial vision was crucial. They saw the potential for their new outdoor space to become a central part of their home, blending seamlessly with the aesthetics and functionality of the existing setup. Our goal was to ensure that the furniture not only fit their lifestyle but also enhanced their interaction with the outdoor environment, making it a perfect backdrop for both personal relaxation and social gatherings.

Design Strategy

Selection of Furniture

The choice of Gensun Grand Terrace for both dining and deep seating options was influenced by the client's preference for a contemporary look that doesn't compromise on comfort or quality. The inclusion of a fire pit with a Dekton top added a focal point that is both functional and stylistically compelling, extending the usability of the outdoor space into cooler evenings.

Fabric and Material Choices

To complement the robust frame of the furniture, cushions and pillows were custom made by Triad Cushion Factory, selected for their durability and low maintenance qualities. These choices were particularly aimed at accommodating the client's need for a stylish yet practical setup that could withstand the varying North Carolina weather conditions without frequent upkeep.

Styling for Contemporary Living

The overall design was anchored in a contemporary style, focusing on clean lines and a neutral color palette. This choice not only modernizes the space but also creates a timeless appeal, ensuring that the outdoor area remains relevant and appealing for years to come.

The Outcome: Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Area in Winston Salem

A Place to Relax and Dine

The transformation resulted in a versatile outdoor area that invites relaxation. Whether it's sitting back in the deep seating under the stars or enjoying a meal around the grand dining table, the space serves multiple purposes. It's an area where comfort meets style, providing the perfect setting for the homeowner to unwind or host dinners.

Enjoyment with Friends and Family

Beyond functionality, the aesthetic appeal of the space enhances the overall home experience. It's now a beautiful area where friends and family can gather, share moments, and make memories. The inviting atmosphere encourages connection, making it the heart of many future gatherings.

Ample Dining and Seating Options

The generous arrangement of the dining and seating options ensures that no matter the number of guests, the space remains accommodating and comfortable. This thoughtful planning speaks to our commitment to not just meet but exceed our clients' expectations in every aspect of design and functionality.


At Casual Furniture World, we're more than just furniture sellers; we're creators of spaces that inspire and comfort. This project in Winston Salem is a prime example of how closely listening to our clients' visions and applying our design expertise can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary one. If you're looking to redefine your outdoor living area, reach out to us. Let Becky Debruhl and our team help you turn your vision into a reality, creating a space where every detail is tailored to fit your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.