Front Porch Comfort in Mocksville, NC

Front Porch Comfort in Mocksville, NC

Design Team

The primary objective of the client's project was to procure an ensemble of high-end chairs that would seamlessly blend aesthetics and exceptional comfort. In pursuit of this goal, we identified the Villa Bianca collection by Castelle as the ideal candidate. These chairs not only exude opulence but also offer an unparalleled level of comfort. Notably, they feature intricate cast aluminum designs gracing the chair's sides and back.

The choice of Bliss fabric for the chair is significant, given its durability comparable to Sunbrella, coupled with a diverse array of color options. What sets Castelle apart is their commitment to customization. They graciously provide a complimentary kidney pillow and grant you the liberty to select the welt color that aligns with your personal taste. This level of personalization empowers our clients to craft a truly bespoke piece that radiates an undeniably high-end aesthetic.

One of the central challenges we faced in this design endeavor was sourcing chairs that not only met the client's expectations in terms of comfort but also resonated with her unique stylistic preferences.

Color played a pivotal role in this project. The client had a strong inclination toward a black or near-black finish. To maintain versatility, she expressed a desire for a neutral fabric color. This deliberate choice affords her the flexibility to refresh the pillow package seasonally, ensuring a timeless and sophisticated look that adapts to changing tastes and trends throughout the year.