Grand Elegance in Mount Airy, NC: Gensun's Grand Terrace Collection Redefines Outdoor Dining

Grand Elegance in Mount Airy, NC: Gensun's Grand Terrace Collection Redefines Outdoor Dining

Design Team

In the charming town of Mount Airy, NC, a remarkable outdoor project unfolded, driven by the desire for a spacious and elegant dining setting. Gensun's Grand Terrace Collection took center stage, creating an outdoor space that harmoniously blended classic design with modern functionality.

The heartbeat of this project was Gensun's Grand Terrace Collection, a celebration of cast aluminum's traditional charm and high durability. The customer, with a penchant for large gatherings, sought a dining table that could comfortably seat 10-12 people. The Grand Terrace extension dining table, with the ability to expand up to 114 inches, proved to be the perfect solution. Its stock Vintage finish added a touch of timeless sophistication to the patio.

The customer's primary need was a larger table to accommodate gatherings of 10-12 people comfortably. Having experienced the durability and traditional design of cast aluminum in the past, they were drawn to Gensun's Grand Terrace Collection. The extension dining table's versatility, paired with synthetic wicker chairs featuring a high back design, perfectly met their desire for both functionality and comfort.

The main challenge faced during the project was aligning the desired look with the need for a larger seating capacity. The Grand Terrace Collection emerged as the ideal solution, offering a balance between traditional aesthetics and the practicality of an extension dining table that could adapt to various group sizes.

The design inspiration for product and color selections was rooted in cast aluminum to complement the existing furniture on the patio. The customer's preference for a more comfortable seating experience led them to the synthetic wicker chairs, offering not only durability but also a high back design for enhanced comfort.

In conclusion, the Mount Airy project stands as a testament to the seamless integration of classic design and modern functionality. Gensun's Grand Terrace Collection has transformed this outdoor space into a haven for large gatherings, where the extension dining table and synthetic wicker chairs come together to create an atmosphere of grand elegance and enduring comfort.