Timeless Elegance in the Square: Lighthouse Casual's Salem Collection in Lewisville, NC

Timeless Elegance in the Square: Lighthouse Casual's Salem Collection in Lewisville, NC

Design Team

In the picturesque town of Lewisville, North Carolina, a recent outdoor project unfolded, centered around the desire for timeless elegance and practical seating. Lighthouse Casual's Salem collection took center stage, fulfilling the customer's wish for a unique dining experience. Let's delve into the details of this project, exploring the main vendor and collection, addressing unique challenges, and celebrating the design inspiration that guided the product and color selections.

Lighthouse Casual emerged as the go-to vendor for this project, with the Salem collection becoming the cornerstone of the outdoor transformation. The customer's desire for a square dining table that could comfortably seat eight people led them to the charming Salem 64" square dining table. The collection's construction in durable cast aluminum provided the perfect blend of sophistication and longevity.

The primary concern for the customer was to provide ample seating for eight people without opting for the conventional rectangular table. The Salem 64" square dining table perfectly met this requirement, offering a unique and visually striking alternative. While the collection includes swivel chairs, the customer opted for eight dining chairs, drawn to the traditional look and the enduring quality of cast aluminum construction.

The main challenge faced in this project was finding a collection that could cater to the customer's specific requirements—a square size that accommodated eight people and remained cost-effective. The Salem collection emerged as the ideal solution, seamlessly blending functionality, style, and affordability to meet the customer's unique needs.

The design inspiration for this project stemmed from the customer's existing patio furniture. Having cast aluminum pieces already, it was essential to find a collection with a similar aesthetic. The Salem collection, with its traditional look and matching top and chair design, aligned perfectly with the customer's vision, creating a cohesive and visually appealing outdoor dining space.

In Lewisville, North Carolina, the outdoor project featuring Lighthouse Casual's Salem collection stands as a testament to the artful blend of functionality and timeless elegance. The square dining table, chosen for its uniqueness and ability to accommodate eight, reflects a thoughtful approach to outdoor dining. The customer's satisfaction with the traditional look and durable cast aluminum construction underscores the success of this project. As the Salem collection becomes a focal point of the patio, it invites gatherings, conversations, and moments of enjoyment in a setting that seamlessly marries form and function.