Modern Comfort and Timeless Elegance: A Lewisville, NC Outdoor Oasis

Modern Comfort and Timeless Elegance: A Lewisville, NC Outdoor Oasis

Design Team

In the charming town of Lewisville, North Carolina, a project unfolded that transformed outdoor spaces into havens of modern comfort and timeless elegance. The client, with a discerning taste for contemporary design and a love for teak, sought to create two distinct areas for relaxation and entertainment. Let's delve into the details of this outdoor project, exploring the main vendors, unique challenges faced, and the design inspirations that shaped the final selections.

The main vendors chosen for this project were Royal Teak and Polywood. The client's preference for modernity and comfort led them to the Modern Curveback collection from Polywood for the Adirondack chairs. These chairs seamlessly blended modern aesthetics with the classic charm of Adirondack design, promising both style and comfort.

For the dining area, the Gala extension table from Polywood was selected. Crafted with precision and offering ample space for friends and family, the Gala extension table became the centerpiece of the outdoor dining space.

To complement the black Adirondack chairs, the client opted for the Captiva sling chair from Royal Teak. The Captiva sling chair not only matched the aesthetic preferences but also provided low maintenance with a replaceable sling, ensuring long-lasting comfort.

The client had two specific spaces to furnish. Firstly, they desired Adirondack chairs that were not only modern but also exceptionally comfortable. The Modern Curveback from Polywood perfectly met these criteria, offering a contemporary twist to traditional outdoor seating.

The second space was dedicated to dining and entertaining. The Gala extension table became the ideal choice, fulfilling the need for a larger table to accommodate gatherings of friends and family. The Captiva sling chairs from Royal Teak were chosen to complement the black Adirondacks, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing outdoor dining experience.

While the selection of the dining table was a straightforward process, the challenge lay in finding the perfect chairs to complement it. The search for a chair that not only matched the aesthetic but also provided comfort and durability was crucial. The Captiva sling chair emerged as the solution, offering not only visual harmony but also ease of maintenance and superior comfort.

The client's love for teak and the desire to maintain a modern aesthetic influenced the design choices. The Gala extension table in teak became the focal point for outdoor dining, exuding timeless elegance. The black color of the Adirondack chairs and Captiva sling chairs was not only a nod to modern design but also a deliberate choice to match the trim color of the client's home, creating a harmonious flow between indoor and outdoor spaces.

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