Elevate Your Outdoor Space with the Leeward Collection from Telescope

Elevate Your Outdoor Space with the Leeward Collection from Telescope

Design Team

Creating an inviting and comfortable outdoor space requires careful selection of durable and low-maintenance furniture that complements the surroundings. When our customer approached us with specific preferences for their outdoor oasis, we knew the Telescope Leeward collection would be the perfect fit. Let's delve into their preferences and how the Leeward collection met their requirements seamlessly.

Durability and Low Maintenance: A Top Priority

The customer had a clear vision of their ideal outdoor furniture—durable and easy to maintain. Telescope's expertise in composite-based materials, particularly utilizing slings, made them an obvious choice. The blend of durability and minimal maintenance requirements that the Leeward collection offers ensured a long-lasting investment for our customer.

Sling Chaise Option: The Leeward Collection Shines

The desire for a sling chaise option narrowed down the choices, and the Leeward collection from Telescope stood out as the frontrunner. Its ergonomic design and clean aesthetic resonated with the customer, aligning perfectly with their vision for their outdoor space. The Leeward sling chaise provided the desired comfort and style, making it an easy choice for our customer.

Coordinating Aesthetics: Bringing Spaces Together

To create a cohesive look, the customer sought a smaller rectangular table with matching chairs in the same sling material and finish. The Leeward Supreme Dining chair not only matched the sling chaise but also boasted a high-back design, offering essential neck and head support. The design was not only ergonomic but also included lumbar support, enhancing overall comfort during family gatherings or leisurely dining.

Neutral Color Palette: Blending Harmoniously

To ensure the outdoor furniture seamlessly integrated with their existing deck and the color of the poolside tile, a neutral color palette was essential. The Leeward collection offered a range of neutral color options, allowing the customer to select a palette that beautifully blended with their outdoor environment.

In conclusion, the Leeward collection from Telescope successfully brought the customer's vision to life. Its durability, low maintenance, ergonomic design, and neutral color options made it an ideal choice for their outdoor space. If you're seeking a blend of functionality, style, and comfort for your outdoor oasis, the Leeward collection from Telescope is undoubtedly worth considering.