Elevating Outdoor Dining: Gensun Grand Terrace in Charlotte, NC

Elevating Outdoor Dining: Gensun Grand Terrace in Charlotte, NC

Design Team

In the vibrant city of Charlotte, North Carolina, a recent outdoor project led by designer and sales associate Ken Smith unfolded to create a luxurious and comfortable dining space. Guided by the client's desire for a high-end dining experience, the main vendors of choice were Gensun for the dining set and Frankford Umbrellas for the crowning touch. Let's delve into the details of this project, exploring the challenges faced, unique product selections, and the design inspirations that shaped the final outdoor oasis.

Ken Smith, the creative mind behind this project, applied his expertise in outdoor design to bring the vision to life. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the project presented an opportunity to blend sophistication with comfort, creating a dining space that transcends traditional outdoor setups.

Gensun emerged as the main vendor for this project, with the Grand Terrace collection taking center stage. The customer's desire for a six-seater rectangular dining table in counter height led them to the 72" dining table from the Grand Terrace collection. This choice offered a perfect fusion of traditional design and elevated comfort, setting the tone for an exquisite outdoor dining experience.

To complement the dining set, Frankford Umbrellas was chosen for the crowning touch. The Monterey collection umbrella, known for its durability and resilience to higher winds with fiberglass ribs, was a perfect match for the high-end standards set by the Grand Terrace collection.

The client's primary requirement was a six-seater dining table in a rectangular shape, and the Grand Terrace collection perfectly met this need. The decision to opt for counter height, particularly the 72" dining table, stemmed from the customer's preference for the comfort and ease of use that counter-height barstools offer. The synthetic wicker construction of the barstools, with built-in UV protectants and strengtheners, ensured longevity and maintained the chairs' pristine appearance over the years.

While the project encountered minimal challenges, one decision point revolved around the color selection for the weave on the barstools. Ultimately, the Chestnut weave was chosen, adding a lighter shade to the ensemble and contributing to the overall sophisticated and inviting ambiance of the outdoor dining space.

The design inspiration for this project was driven by the customer's vision of a high-end dining option with a traditional design and exceptionally comfortable seating. The Grand Terrace collection, with its timeless appeal and counter-height configuration, perfectly aligned with these aspirations. The choice of Chestnut weave not only added a touch of warmth but also complemented the traditional design elements, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, Ken Smith's outdoor design expertise and the selection of Gensun's Grand Terrace collection and Frankford Umbrellas have combined to create a dining space that exudes luxury and comfort. From the counter-height 72" dining table to the durable and stylish synthetic wicker barstools, every element reflects a commitment to quality and aesthetics. This outdoor oasis stands as a testament to the seamless integration of traditional design, modern comfort, and high-end craftsmanship, offering a dining experience that transcends the ordinary and elevates outdoor living to new heights.