Coastal Elegance: A Multi-Area Outdoor Retreat in Ocean Isle, NC

Coastal Elegance: A Multi-Area Outdoor Retreat in Ocean Isle, NC

Design Team

Nestled in the coastal beauty of Ocean Isle, North Carolina, a vibrant outdoor project unfolded, showcasing the versatility of Berlin Gardens, Telescope, Poly, and Treasure Garden. The visionary couple behind this project sought to create inviting spaces for entertaining friends and family in their front porch, back sunroom, and pool area. Let's explore the details of this multifaceted project, revealing the main vendors and collections, the unique challenges faced, and the design inspiration that brought it all together.

The heart of this outdoor haven lies in the Berlin Gardens Classic Terrace & Outdoor Bar, chosen for its timeless elegance and durability. The outdoor bar became a focal point, offering a stylish and functional space for entertaining. Complementing this, the Telescope dining and deep seating collections, Poly rockers, Challenger with Kamado, Edgewater swivel set, and Treasure Garden umbrellas added depth and variety to the outdoor spaces.

The couple, known for their love of entertaining, had specific needs for ample seating in various areas—the front porch, back sunroom, and poolside. The Berlin Gardens Classic Terrace & Outdoor Bar provided a versatile solution for the entertaining hub, while the Telescope dining and deep seating collections catered to the different areas. The addition of Poly rockers and the Challenger with Kamado addressed specific requirements, ensuring that every space was well-equipped for comfort and socializing.

One of the challenges faced was the limited shade around the pool area. To mitigate this, the design incorporated strategically placed Treasure Garden umbrellas, not only offering relief from the sun but also enhancing the overall aesthetics of the poolside space.

The design inspiration for this project revolved around creating a light and airy ambiance that complemented the seafoam color of the customer's home. The color palette chosen for most elements echoed the coastal hues, infusing the outdoor spaces with a sense of tranquility. However, a deliberate departure was made with the Poly rocker set, which introduced a contrasting black color, drawing inspiration from the home's black shutters.

This project was executed with a strategic focus on one space at a time, allowing the customer to place orders in stages over a few months. This phased approach ensured a thoughtful and curated outcome, addressing each area's unique requirements while maintaining a cohesive design theme. The customer's satisfaction with the end result speaks to the success of this approach, showcasing the flexibility and versatility of the chosen vendors and collections.

In Ocean Isle, North Carolina, this outdoor retreat stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of functionality, style, and thoughtful design. Berlin Gardens, Telescope, Poly, and Treasure Garden have come together to create a coastal haven that invites laughter, relaxation, and connection. The success of this project lies not only in the selection of quality outdoor furnishings but also in the meticulous planning and attention to the unique needs and aesthetic preferences of the homeowners. The result is a multifaceted outdoor oasis that reflects the couple's vibrant personality and love for entertaining, embodying the spirit of coastal elegance.