Coastal Comfort and Durability: Polywood and Treasure Garden Oasis in Sunset Beach

Coastal Comfort and Durability: Polywood and Treasure Garden Oasis in Sunset Beach

Design Team

In the serene coastal setting of Sunset Beach, an exciting outdoor project unfolded at the Sea Trail Homeowners' pool. Collaborating with Dawn, the goal was to create a durable and inviting oasis for the community. Polywood and Treasure Garden emerged as the main vendors, providing the perfect blend of durability and style. Let's explore the details of this project, uncovering the main collections, addressing unique challenges, and highlighting the design inspiration that shaped the product and color selections.

Polywood took center stage in this project, providing a range of durable and stylish outdoor furniture. The Lakeside dining sets became the go-to choice for their smaller footprint, allowing for multiple sets to fit seamlessly around the pool area. Complementing this, Treasure Garden added a touch of elegance with their high-quality umbrellas.

Working with Dawn from Sea Trail, the focus was on furnishing the Homeowners' pool with chaise lounges, dining tables, and umbrellas. The high traffic nature of the pool area emphasized the need for durable and long-lasting furniture. Polywood's reputation for durability, coupled with the ability to replace individual pieces in case of accidents, made it the ideal choice for the community's needs.

The primary challenge was ensuring the furniture could withstand the constant use the pool area would experience throughout the season. Polywood's robust construction and the option to replace individual pieces addressed this concern effectively. This approach not only provided durability but also offered a practical solution for maintenance and longevity.

The design inspiration for this project was influenced by the coastal surroundings and the desire for a clean, inviting look. Choosing white for the Polywood furniture added a touch of freshness and simplicity, creating a clean aesthetic that complements the beachside environment. The Lakeside dining sets, with their smaller footprint, allowed for efficient use of space, accommodating multiple sets around the pool.

The navy canopy on the Treasure Garden umbrellas served a dual purpose – introducing a splash of color and providing practicality by hiding dirt. This thoughtful choice added a touch of sophistication to the overall design while ensuring that the umbrellas maintained their appearance even in a high-traffic area.

In Sunset Beach, the Sea Trail Homeowners' pool has been transformed into a durable and elegant oasis, thanks to the collaboration with Polywood and Treasure Garden. The Lakeside dining sets and chaise lounges, coupled with the stylish umbrellas, provide a perfect balance of durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. As the community gathers around the pool, they can now enjoy a timeless outdoor space that reflects the essence of coastal living – inviting, resilient, and effortlessly chic.