Creating a Stylish and Low-Maintenance Outdoor Oasis in Shallotte, NC

Creating a Stylish and Low-Maintenance Outdoor Oasis in Shallotte, NC

Design Team


Nestled in the scenic town of Shallotte, NC, lies a newly designed outdoor space that perfectly blends style, comfort, and low maintenance. My clients wanted a versatile area around their pool and porches for entertaining friends, with an emphasis on easy upkeep and a sleek, neutral color palette. It was an exciting challenge to bring their vision to life, creating a space that is both beautiful and functional.

Understanding the Client's Vision

The clients expressed a desire for varied seating options around their pool and porches to accommodate gatherings of friends and family. They envisioned a space that included seating by the fire pit and emphasized low maintenance for the pool area. To achieve a clean and streamlined look, they requested neutral colors, specifically gray for the frames and white for the cushions and slings.

Design Strategy

To fulfill the clients' vision, I focused on selecting durable and low-maintenance materials that did not compromise on style. The seating area around the pool featured Polywood coastal chaises, known for their durability and resistance to the elements. These chaises provided a comfortable spot for lounging by the pool while being easy to clean and maintain.

For additional seating, we chose Adirondack chairs in varying heights and captain's chairs to create a dynamic and inviting space. The Eureka and Lane Venture woven collections offered a sophisticated look with their high-quality woven materials, ensuring long-lasting durability and low upkeep. To enhance comfort, we used Sunbrella cushions, which are renowned for their weather resistance and ease of cleaning.

The color scheme was carefully selected to meet the clients' preference for a clean and streamlined look. We used all gray for the frames and white for the cushions and slings, creating a cohesive and elegant appearance. This neutral palette not only looks modern and chic but also complements the natural surroundings beautifully.

The Outcome: Creating a Stylish and Low-Maintenance Outdoor Oasis

The finished outdoor space in Shallotte, NC, exceeded the clients' expectations. The Polywood coastal chaises provided a perfect blend of comfort and durability, making them ideal for lounging by the pool. The varied heights of the Adirondack chairs and the inclusion of captain's chairs added versatility and style to the seating arrangement, making it perfect for entertaining.

The choice of Eureka and Lane Venture woven furniture ensured that the seating area was both elegant and resilient. The Sunbrella cushions added a layer of comfort and practicality, being easy to clean and maintain. The gray frames and white cushions/slings achieved the desired clean and streamlined look, giving the space a sophisticated and inviting feel.


Designing this outdoor oasis in Shallotte, NC, was a truly rewarding experience. The combination of stylish, low-maintenance materials and varied seating options created a perfect space for entertaining friends and family. If you're looking to transform your outdoor area into a beautiful and functional space, I'm here to help. Contact me at Casual Furniture World, and let's make your outdoor living dreams come true.