Creating the Perfect Outdoor Oasis in Ocean Isle, NC: A Custom Project Overview

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Oasis in Ocean Isle, NC: A Custom Project Overview

Design Team


In the picturesque town of Ocean Isle, NC, a family sought to transform their outdoor living space into a welcoming oasis for their large extended family and friends. Their vision was clear: a versatile outdoor area that could accommodate gatherings, resist the coastal environment's challenges, and maintain a classic aesthetic appeal. This blog post delves into how their vision came to life, highlighting the collaboration with Berlin Gardens and the inclusion of specific accessories and collections to meet the family's needs.

Understanding the Client's Vision

The Need for Ample Seating

The primary requirement was clear from the start: the outdoor space needed to offer ample seating. Hosting frequent gatherings meant that the area had to be equipped to comfortably accommodate a significant number of guests. This wasn't just about quantity; quality, comfort, and durability were equally crucial to ensure that the space was inviting and could withstand regular use.

Overcoming Environmental Challenges

Located right on the waterfront, the property presented unique environmental challenges. The outdoor furniture had to be heavy-duty to withstand the wind and saltwater exposure, yet comfortable enough for leisurely lounging. This requirement significantly influenced the selection of materials and designs for the outdoor seating arrangements.

The Design Strategy

Selecting the Main Vendor and Collections

Berlin Gardens emerged as the ideal main vendor, renowned for their high-quality outdoor furniture that effortlessly blends durability with style. The project primarily utilized their exquisite collections, ensuring that each piece could withstand the harsh coastal conditions without compromising on aesthetics.

Accessory and Additional Collections

To enhance the outdoor living experience, additional elements were carefully chosen:

  • Gathercraft Salem Dining Set: Selected for its sophisticated look, providing a beautiful and practical dining solution.
  • Firetainment Fire Pit: A 54" large fire pit was chosen not only as a stunning focal point but also as an inviting area for adults to gather and relax during the evening hours.

Aesthetic Decisions

Breaking away from the conventional beachy theme often associated with coastal properties, the client desired a more timeless look. This vision was brought to life through specific color selections:

  • Weatherwood on Black: This color scheme was applied across all Berlin Gardens pieces, offering a classic and cohesive look that beautifully complements the outdoor space.
  • Dark Espresso Brown for the Salem Woven Dining Set: This choice added a touch of elegance and contrast, enriching the overall aesthetic appeal.

The Outcome: A Classic Outdoor Oasis

The collaboration resulted in an outdoor oasis that exceeded the client's expectations. The strategic selection of furniture and accessories created a space that is not only functional and durable but also aesthetically pleasing. The classic color palette ensures that the outdoor area remains timeless, while the inclusion of a large fire pit introduces an element of warmth and sophistication, making it the perfect retreat for gatherings of all sizes.


This project in Ocean Isle, NC, stands as a testament to the importance of understanding client needs, overcoming environmental challenges, and making informed design choices. By partnering with Berlin Gardens and incorporating well-chosen accessories and collections, a classic outdoor oasis was born, ready to host countless memories for years to come. Whether it's a quiet morning by the pool or a lively evening around the fire pit, this outdoor space now caters to every occasion, blending functionality with timeless elegance.