Transforming Outdoor Living in Myrtle Beach: A Comprehensive Guide

Transforming Outdoor Living in Myrtle Beach: A Comprehensive Guide

Design Team


Picture this: the soft, sandy beaches of Myrtle Beach, SC, a backdrop of shimmering water, and a home that blurs the lines between indoor luxury and outdoor bliss. That's the story of one homeowner's dream to create an ultimate outdoor entertainment space, and how it became a stunning reality. With Jensen's eclectic furniture collections and the chic Curve heater by Ledge Lounger in play, this wasn't just about placing a few chairs and tables; it was about weaving magic into every corner. Let’s take a walk through this transformation journey.

Understanding the Client's Vision

First things first, let's talk about the homeowner's vision. They loved to entertain outdoors and craved a space that could adapt to different occasions. We're talking a versatile setup that could host a sunny brunch, a relaxed evening chat, or a lively pool party. To accommodate this, various seating arrangements were essential – from cozy dining groups to deep seating swivels perfect for lounging and conversation. And for those lazy, sun-drenched days, the classic charm of Ledge Loungers was the cherry on top, offering a stylish lounging spot right in the pool.

Tackling Unique Challenges

But, as with any great endeavor, there were challenges to tackle. In Myrtle Beach, the weather is a character of its own – a balmy paradise that sometimes throws a curveball of cooler temperatures. Enter the Curve heater, a sleek and functional addition to extend the bliss of outdoor dining through cooler months. It was about keeping the conversation warm even when the weather wasn't.

Aesthetic Choices: Blending with Nature

Now, let's chat about the look and feel. The homeowner wanted the space to feel like a natural extension of their home, nothing too jarring or out of place. That's where Jensen's Ipe collections came in, with their innate beauty and neutral colors. These pieces didn’t just sit in the space; they belonged there, complementing the surroundings and adding a touch of understated elegance.

The Final Layout

Imagine walking into this space: to your left, a dining area that beckons with its inviting chairs and a table set for a feast under the stars. Ahead, a rocker set promises leisurely afternoons with a book or heart-to-heart conversations. Turn a bit, and the deep seating swivels invite you to sink in and relax, perhaps with a cocktail in hand. And just a few steps away, the pool, adorned with Ledge Loungers, calls for a dip. It’s not just a backyard; it's a haven, a retreat, a slice of paradise.


In the end, this Myrtle Beach project was more than a design task; it was about crafting experiences and memories. It was about turning a vision into a tangible, beautiful reality where every sunset is an event, and every gathering is special. This transformation shows that with the right elements – be it furniture, accessories, or a keen understanding of a client's needs – any outdoor space can become an extraordinary extension of home and heart.

So, what does your dream outdoor space look like? Let's turn that dream into your own personal paradise. Remember, in the world of outdoor living, the sky (or should we say the horizon?) is the limit.