Crafting Outdoor Elegance: A Jensen Affair in Lewisville, NC

Crafting Outdoor Elegance: A Jensen Affair in Lewisville, NC

Design Team

Nestled in Lewisville, North Carolina, a recent outdoor project showcases the seamless fusion of functionality and style. With a keen eye for design and a preference for IPE wood, the client embarked on a journey to transform their outdoor space. Let's delve into the details of this project, exploring the main vendor, unique challenges faced, and the design inspirations that influenced the final product selections.

The heartbeat of this outdoor haven is the Jensen brand, known for its quality craftsmanship and timeless designs. The Bunbury 90" dining table from Jensen became the centerpiece of the project, perfectly aligning with the customer's need for a larger table capable of comfortably seating eight people. Crafted from IPE wood, the table not only met the practical requirements but also brought the warmth and beauty of natural wood to the outdoor setting.

For seating, the customer chose the Unicon collection's mixed media chair, featuring a synthetic wicker seat. This choice not only complemented the IPE wood table but also added a touch of sophistication with its dark wicker color.

The primary requirement of the customer was a dining table capable of accommodating eight people. The Bunbury 90" dining table met this need seamlessly, providing ample space for gatherings and outdoor feasts. The customer's affinity for IPE wood, known for its durability and distinctive grain pattern, aligned perfectly with their desire for a timeless and enduring outdoor setting.

For seating, the Unicon mixed media chair offered a perfect blend of comfort and style. With a synthetic wicker seat, the chairs provided a sophisticated touch while ensuring practicality and ease of maintenance.

One unique challenge faced in this project was optimizing the space beneath the covered area. The customer's space, while sheltered, required careful consideration to ensure that a table seating eight could fit comfortably without overwhelming the area. The Bunbury 90" dining table, with its well-proportioned design, emerged as the ideal solution, fitting seamlessly into the covered space and creating a balanced and inviting atmosphere.

The design inspiration for this project was driven by the customer's desire for a wood table that contrasted against the existing wood columns in their backyard space. The Bunbury 90" dining table, with its rich IPE wood, not only created a striking visual contrast but also enhanced the natural beauty of the outdoor environment.

The dark wicker color of the Unicon mixed media chair added a touch of sophistication and modernity, creating a pleasing juxtaposition against the wooden elements. The mission-inspired feel of both the chair and table resonated with the customer's aesthetic preferences, contributing to the overall cohesive and stylish design.

In Lewisville, North Carolina, this outdoor project curated with Jensen furniture stands as a testament to the artful blend of functionality and design. From the enduring beauty of IPE wood to the sophisticated charm of the Unicon collection, every element was carefully chosen to meet the customer's needs and enhance the allure of their outdoor space. The result is a harmonious haven that invites gatherings, conversations, and moments of relaxation in a setting that seamlessly marries form and function.