Take A Tour of Our Teak Showroom

Ready to shop the latest teak patio furniture? Prep for your teak furniture shopping by touring our showroom ahead of time! Browse featured brands like Royal Teak and Kingsley Bate from anywhere before you stop by our Myrtle Beach store location.

Not local to the Myrtle Beach area? Every store’s inventory has a variety of teak wood furniture to choose from, so if you see something you love at a different location, we can arrange shipping, set up, and delivery from anywhere.

Explore the Sustainable and Stylish Look of Teak Wood Furniture

If you are someone who loves warm, rich, vibrant spaces, then consider exploring the world of teak outdoor furniture. The golden honey color, durable material, and beautiful finish of teak furniture elevates every kind of backyard or patio space. Teak can warm up grey flagstone patios, enhance natural wood decks, and compliment the most spacious outdoor living spaces – it’s all about creating a natural environment that’s suitable for you and your loved ones. 

Whether you need to finish a poolside patio or create a quaint garden space, teak outdoor furniture is ideal for every type of backyard. The toughest decision you’ll have to make is finding the right outdoor dining table and chairs for your space!

Why Invest in Teak Wood Patio Furniture?

There are plenty of durable, sustainable, and beautiful outdoor furniture materials on the market, but none of them are nearly as unique as teak. Stainless steel, synthetic wicker, and cast iron furniture are great for certain outdoor spaces – but teak patio furniture is a timeless investment. 

Purchasing teak furniture sets from one of our stores doesn’t mean you’re just buying something for yourself. Its innovative design, paired with the proper care, means you’ll be able to pass this set onto your children or relatives years down the road. Teak furniture is truly a one-time high-quality investment that will change the way you view your outdoor patio furniture.

The reason teak furniture is so popular is that teak wood is highly durable and scratch-resistant – making it a unique outdoor furniture material. Teak wood has many natural oils that remain preserved within its surface, which help maintain its appearance over the years. When you purchase teak furniture, you’re not just investing in your outdoor patio – you’re investing in a quality natural material, that is durable enough to weather any rain or sun you experience year-round.

With teak furniture, you’ll never compromise on quality, style, or comfort. It’s truly capable of doing it all.


What Teak Furniture Finish is Perfect For Your Patio?

One of the best parts of teak wood patio furniture is that you can decide what kind of finish you want on this particular type of furniture. While newly finished teak has a warm, golden honey color, as it ages, teak transforms into a silvery matte patina color – cooling down your backyard or deck color tone significantly. Over time, you’ll be able to see which style fits your yard, but ultimately, its finish comes down to personal preference. You can keep your furniture looking brand new, or enjoy the appearance of a more weathered and rustic patio set –  it will look like it’s been sitting along the Carolina coastline for the past few months.

If you love the original golden honey tones of teak furniture and want to preserve this stunning surface, now you can – for absolutely free. We’re offering a free teak surface sealer at every Casual Furniture World location when you decide to purchase an item of teak outdoor furniture. We’ll provide you with a complimentary coat of product and apply your first sealant treatment –  a $240 value at no additional charge! Now, you’ll be able to sit in your dining chairs ten years down the road, and they’ll look brand new.


Step Into Our Teak Showroom

Are you ready to invest in your first teak furniture collection? Simplify your teak wood furniture shopping by stepping into our teak wood showroom! We’re highlighting all of our favorite teak brands, such as Royal Teak and Kingsley Bate, at our Myrtle Beach store location. Browse all the latest Royal Teak collections and trends on our showroom floor – whether it’s high backed seating, lounge chairs, patio dining sets, rocking chairs, coffee tables, or bar stools, our newest showroom has something for everyone.


Not local to the Myrtle Beach area? Every store’s inventory has a variety of teak wood furniture to choose from, so if you see something you love at a different location, we can arrange shipping, set up, and delivery from anywhere. But, if you really want to dive deep into the world of teak, you can access our teak showroom online! Shop dozens of items from the comforts of home – you can find your Royal Teak patio furniture from anywhere. If you find the set of your dreams while you’re shopping online, just stop by your local Casual Furniture World store or give us a call to arrange your order – we’ll take care of the rest.

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